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5Gthon: in one week the first Czech virtual 5G idethon will start, which will shine a light on 5G networks in the concept of smart cities

We are looking for innovators! We are looking for innovators who love challenges and are not afraid of the unknown. We are looking for smart solutions using the potential of 5G networks to change the future of our cities!

In a bit more than one weeks, a weekend ideathon called 5Gthon will kick off. Anyone who can come up with a smart solution for one of the given Smart Cities topics within one weekend can join. Participants will be tasked with a detailed proposal on how to improve life in Czech cities in several specific areas using new technologies with the use of 5G networks. 5Gthon will culminate on 22 February with a final conference, expert lectures and a presentation of the competition proposals and with the announcement of the winners. The event is organised by the Ministry of Regional Development together with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Czech Republic. The co-organisers are SIT Port, Hack Prague, CzechInvest, czechstartups.org. The event is also supported by various partners.

The competition (ideathon) is designed for innovative individuals, who together, will form agile teams that will look for interesting solutions on selected topics during the weekend ideathon (18-20.2). Both university students from different disciplines and startup enthusiasts, as well as established teams all kind of companies will apply. There is no limit and the goal is clear – to find innovations that can improve our world and most importantly our cities.

5Gthon is the final event of the project Supporting 5G Networks in Smart Cities, as a timid pioneer in the development of smart applications and building digital infrastructure in the Czech Republic. The aim of the ideathon is to find smart solutions for the development and future of Czech cities using applications connected in the 5G network. And such solutions so that people can talk about their cities as Smart Cities.

More information about the event can be found on the website www.5Gthon.cz.

How will it work? Online! See the key dates


Find your team, if you have one, you can participate too! We’ll announce the topic sponsors and also mentors you can talk to to move the project forward.

This means you’ll know who to go to for advice and what project to choose, giving you more time to think about it then jump right in!


By Thursday midnight, you’ll have confirmed the topic in your team, you’ll have time to plan it out.

More time = more preparation. On Thursday, you’ll also learn the criteria that will determine the ideathon winners.


At the stroke of midnight we start hacking ideas – you have until Sunday’s midnight. During Friday, Saturday and Sunday, you can use mentors if needed to help you validate the idea or push it forward. 


You will find out if you are progressing to the next day and if you should be preparing for the final. You will send us your presentation by midnight on Sunday, which will then be evaluated by the expert jury on Monday and possibly nominated for the final on Tuesday.


Grande Finale! 

You will find out if your team wins one of the two categories / overall winner / audience winner.

You will have to present your work  in front of the jury. You’re all tuned up and will compete for cash and great prizes to support your project development!

The goal of the Ideathon is to find an idea, turn it into a project, give it potential and the opportunity to improve the cities we live in! Get involved too!

Topics you can tackle and push:

Smart public administration

Smart environmental protection

Smart safety

Smart transport

Smart energy

Smart logistics

Smart Healthcare

Smart education

Smart homes

Smart sport

Smart culture and media

Prizes for winners from our partners

30 000 CZK for project development from Deloitte

Participation in a bootcamp to discover the potential of the project from Seed Starter Ceska Sporitelna

Media space – 1 article / 1 interview or social media space from startup player czechstartups.org

Material prizes

Mentoring and coaching

And many more!

The main objectives of this event are:

1) To present to the general public examples of good practice, but also limits, of the implementation of 5G technology solutions in the Czech Republic (within the 5G project for 5 Smart Cities)

2) To present other possible applications of 5G technologies that cities, companies and academia can use in the future

3) To introduce the public to the broader context of 5G technologies through expert lectures, so that everyone understands them and thinks about their implementation

4) To present examples of good practice, but also the limits of 5G technology implementation from home and abroad, to share experiences and opportunities for further cooperation

5) To create an innovative, driving 5G force in the Czech Republic and to motivate state administration, local government, business and academia to multiply solutions, share experiences, business opportunities

The final programme of the event is designed for all those who care about the development of Czech cities and municipalities, both representatives of municipalities, state and public administration, as well as experts in the field of Smart Cities and 5G. The event also welcomes representatives of innovative companies that want to participate in the potential of 5G networks.

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